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Through-out her 35-year-career at Grossmont, educator Zoe Close not only touched the lives of students as a Philosophy and Religious Studies Professor, but remained passionate in serving her fellow instructors, operating as chair of the department for nearly 20 years. This passion was noted and celebrated by the college as Close earned multiple awards of excellence, including the prestigious honor of being named Distinguished Faculty during the 2004-2005 academic year.


In commemoration of Close, cards for signing to send condolences are available to students and staff at the Instructional Dean’s Office from Aug. 26 through Sept. 3. Donations are also welcomed that will go towards purchasing flowers for the family and will be accepted by MaryAnn Landry whose office is also located at the Instructional Dean’s Office.

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B-Ball Camp on Campus Fri, 16 Aug 2019 14:59:25 +0000

It’s never too early in an athlete’s life to aspire to “ball like Jordan.” In fact, LeBron James was only 14 years old
when he was recruited by St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in 1999, sparking the attention of the NBA.

Grossmont’s Athletics Department supports the dreams and talent of not only students who are enrolled at the
college, but also the aspirations of even younger generations. Men’s Basketball Head Coach Doug Weber and company held their 15th annual Youth Basketball camp Aug. 5-8 inside the Grossmont gymnasium, as roughly 56 children and teens participated in the inspiring event.

Sharisse Cohee
Coach Weber and company warm-up for the last day of camp.

The camp, which tipped off promptly at 8 am and threw in the towel at noon all four days, was open to boys and girls
from third to ninth grades at $75 cost per camper. This payment was well worth it, considering the campers not only gained knowledge of basketball skills, but an overall priceless life experience that transcends on and off the court.

Parent Mike Rademaker proudly watched from the bleachers as his 9-year- old son, who is entering fifth grade,participated in the camp.

“Camp has been great. I was searching online for basketball camps and this came up,” Rademaker said. “It’s been good. We live pretty close, so it’s convenient for us. And he’s been happy; he’s been enjoying himself and that’s all that matters really.”

The event was hosted by Weber along with five players from the men’s basketball team, as well as one player from the women’s team. “It’s my players, then we have one player from Coach Caires’ team because we have
females , so let’s give them a role model,” Weber explained.

Sharisse Cohee
Grossmont sophomore forward Jamal
Johnson coaches young camper.

A typical day at the camp began with an inspirational message or quote, followed by warm-ups. Then, onto basketball fundamentals and skills such as pivoting, dribbling, shooting and overall ball control techniques. The day ended with a scrimmage.

Weber further elaborated on the schedule: “We do a warm-up; we do a thought of the day and then we end up doing a situation where we’ll do ‘stations’. Each of my camp coaches—one coach will teach passing, one will teach ball handling, one will teach defense, one will teach shooting, so they end up getting a little bit of everything from each
one of these guys.”

While the basketball camp of course teaches the skills and knowledge necessary to play the sport, Weber and the team realize that these fundamentals cannot be taught without fun. And what’s more fun than a water balloon fight on a scorching August day in El Cajon?

He explained, “Today is for fun. We’ll do water balloons, we’ll go in and do a couple of shooting contests that we’ve
done throughout the camp, and then we’ll scrimmage at the end.”

Sharisse Cohee
Coach Doug Weber
practices half-court
shots with camper

The camp itself ends up being a win- win situation for all parties involved. For the campers participating, the teaching of fundamentals from the talented G-House team serves as a hands-on learning experience unlike any other. Meanwhile, the team players volunteering to help coach the event are able to embrace mentoring and leadership roles to influence the lives of a younger generation.

Grossmont men’s basketball player, Lawrence Gregg, volunteered to help coach the camp. “I think it really gets me to really connect with the kids because I remember doing these camps when I was a kid, so it makes me feel good being able to give back and help them learn how to play basketball the same way I did.” Gregg continued, “It helps me, to be able to influence this younger generation to be serious about basketball.”

Weber added on to the reciprocal nature the camp offers to players and participants: “For my guys they have to know what they’re doing, and if you can teach something; you’ve got a handle on it. And then, you have the kids looking up to them.

“These guys were in high school one or two years ago so the campers go, ‘I can do this.’ We let our guys be in some shooting contests with them just so they have an idea that this is what it’s all about,” Weber continued.

Mason Daley, a 7th grader participating in the camp who plays basketball at his school, said: “It’s helped me out really well actually. I’ve learned some new skills and I’ve got to meet new friends here too.”

Sharisse Cohee
Seventh grade camper, Mason Daily, prepares to practice his half-court shot.

Weber offered a glimpse into the inception of the sports camp: “This is our 15th year. We started it when my kids were this age and we had a bunch of their friends that wanted to do camp, then we had some faculty.

“And so that’s how it started was my kids and then the faculties wanted that, so it’s kind of grown into this,” he continued. “We don’t really advertise; it’s all word of mouth.”

No advertising is necessary. With the positive influence and morals it instills to participants, along with teachings and incorporation of fun into basketball fundamentals, it’s no wonder why this camp has flourished and looks to continue for many summers to come.

Sharisse Cohee
Campers practice their skills with Grossmont players.


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Toy Story 4 Fri, 14 Jun 2019 20:20:14 +0000

Woody, Buzz and the gang are back again for round four, with a new adventure and new friends. This fourth installment of the Pixar classic will mess with your emotions. The film is approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes in length.

The movie takes place right after Andy has set-off to college and the toys are happily living with Bonnie– the young girl whom he gave his beloved toys to during the end of Toy Story 3.

In the beginning, the movie clears up a few loose ends stemming from the prior three films made over the 24 year period since the original was released in 1995; such as explaining where the character “Bo Peep” has been all this time and why she didn’t make an appearance in the third film.

Bonnie is starting kindergarten where, with the help of Woody, she creates the new lovable character, “Forky” the spork. Laughter is expected as we watch this Spork go through an existential crisis, not accepting himself as a toy but instead trash. Forky is always trying to throw himself away, which tires out Woody but enforces how important Forky is to Bonnie.

With a surprise road trip, the gang hits the pavement as new and old friends come into the picture in a happy, touching adventure.

The movie stars beloved actors Tim Allen, returning as the voice of Buzz Lightyear while Tom Hanks reprises his role as Woody. This all-star cast also features Joan Cusack voicing Jessie and Tony Hale as Forky.

The sequel reunites the returning voices of Bonnie Hunt as Dolly and John Ratzenberger as Hamm, along with the rest of the beloved original characters.

It brings back Bo Peep played by Annie Potts as well as introduces new characters, such as Duckie (Keegan-Michael Key) and Bunny (Jordan Peele); a dynamic sewn together plush ventriloquist toy duo.  

Also, introducing Duke Caboom, a daredevil from Canada voiced by megastar Keanue Reeves. The audience also meets Bo Peep’s partner, Giggle McDimples played by Ally Maki and not to leave out, Christina Hendricks as Gabby Gabby– a doll in need of love and care from a child.

Disney- Pixar is known for its “Easter eggs” (subtle hints) towards other movies, such as the recurring Toy Story pizza planet truck in almost every film. It makes no difference if you are watching carefully, or casually observing– subtle hints pop out. Little nods are featured towards Pixar’s top films and also a few to Pixar shorts.

This heartfelt touching story is sure to pull you in with lots of love being expressed throughout the film. The central theme is change, something that can be related to everyone as the characters grow. Woody questions his place when he finds Bo Peep, not sure if he should return back to Bonnie.

Bo Peep is very different from the first two movies making her a strong female lead that is very inspiring. Gabby Gabby, the doll from the antique shop, perceives life one way but ends up with a huge shock.

The movie is incredible and a great ending to the Toy Story saga. The heartfelt moments will make you cry with laughter or happiness. The movie is very energetic and full of sweet moments that one can never forget. Love between the characters is strong and will certainly pull on your heart strings.

The movie is set to hit theaters June 21st and comes highly recommended to see. It’s worth expressing emotions with a crowd of people.

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Summer Trips Fri, 31 May 2019 20:59:16 +0000

Bonfires, sand, waves, and hot sunny days…yes, that means summer is just around the corner.   We can already hear the ocean and mountains calling our names and with less than four weeks remaining of spring semester, we can’t help but think of the summer adventures that await us.

Summer vacation can be extremely fun but when we don’t have any exciting plans, our summer break can be, well… unexciting. Fortunately, there’s always one thing we can do that will make our summer experience unforgettable.

Now, you’re probably wondering what this one thing is. The answer : traveling. Our world is full of majestic places that we have yet to explore. So, if you’re wondering where to go or what to do this summer; here are some places that, according to National Geographic and Forbes, are the best destinations to visit this summer.


Mexico City, Mexico

Number one on the list, according to the National Geographic article, “Best trips in 2019”: Mexico City is known for its good, mouth-watering food that you can find on every street corner. It is also known for its historic landmarks. For example, a few miles into the northeastern side of Mexico City, you will find the Teotihuacan pyramids which are said to be thousands of years old.

-Cheap flight prices range from $160-210




Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is known for its stunning ancient temples and vibrant colors. The city is surrounded by beautiful mountains, one of them being the Doi Suthep. Standing at 5,400 meters, this mountain has a view over the city and is Chiang Mai’s main attraction. Hotel and restaurant prices are relatively cheap. Cheapest hotel prices range from $12 to $113 a night.

-Cheap flight prices range from $460-$960




Bali, Indonesia

Bali is the most popular destination spot throughout Indonesia. With some of the most beautiful crystal clear beaches and magical waterfalls, a trip to Bali will definitely give you an unforgettable summer break. Flight prices can be somewhat pricey, however. Some of the best hotels can cost around $50 a night while casual meals can cost as low as $3.

-Fight prices range from $940-5,000



Alberta, Canada

With more than 600 lakes and beautiful mountains all over this province, Alberta is one of the best summer places to visit. If you’re an outdoorsy person Alberta should definitely be your next traveling destination. You can spend a few nights in some of the most stunning cabins tucked into the woods while going on magnificent hikes with breathtaking views. It makes for a perfect weekend getaway. Although prices can definitely be expensive, ranging from $500 – $700, Alberta is around 30 hours from San Diego.So if you and your friends love going on road trips, then it’s time to start preparing for the best road trip experience ever.


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Cool Field Sun, 26 May 2019 05:23:49 +0000

After nearly two-decades of play-time, February marked the grand-opening of Grossmont’s remodeled and upgraded
track and field, which began construction November 2018.

Sharisse Cohee
Track and Field after remodel, photo taken 05/19.

Sharisse Cohee
Field before remodel, taken 09/18.

While this flashy new football/soccer field not only sports state-of art technology such as a newly-installed, tech-savvy scoreboard, the project also provides player-safety amenities such as Coolplay turf. Funding was set aside over time in order to pay for the remodel, which was originally part of the Proposition V Funded Project.

Apart from being an embarrassing eye-sore, the previous field not only had structural dangers to players – such as a cement curb, which surrounded the perimeter – but the turf itself created player injuries because it was so outdated and torn. In replacement, Grossmont chose Coolplay, a sand/rubber infill turf system that remains at a cooler
temperature compared to traditional systems.

Grossmont Football Head Coach Michael Jordan expressed how relieved he is for his players to finally play on a NCAA standard-regulation field: “It was a big accomplishment,” Jordan said. “It’s not a new field— more of a replacement, something safe, which it should have been all along. It was bad and the hash marks were all torn up. It was a dangerous situation.”

Jordan said he appreciates the new field. “It’s nice, he said. “It’s a top-of-the-line field, so we’re looking forward to the cushiness because the old field was so old, it was super-compacted
and hard.” He continued: “More importantly the players won’t be getting injured as much. We have concussions because they hit the ground hard, and it’s like concrete. So now, it’s a good feel. It has a cooling agent in it that gets about 30 degrees cooler because in the summer, it gets very hot out there.”

Sharisse Cohee
Before Remodel: Scoreboard non-operational. Photo taken: 09/18

Sharisse Cohee
Installation of new scoreboard. Photo taken: 03/19

Sharisse Cohee
Completed new scoreboard. Photo taken 04/19.

The Coolplay turf is top-notch and caters to player safety and comfort through hard-hitting G-House games. According to the Grossmont Athletics Department website: “Coolplay is a threelayer system composed with a first layer of sand, then a patented mix of sand and cryogenic rubber, and a layer of cork. It is 35°F cooler than traditional sand/rubber infill systems. It is resilient with excellent shock absorption capacity, having met or exceeded
industry standards for immediate and long-term player safety.”

Grossmont student Max Ortiz currently takes soccer as an Exercise Science class, and is able to play on the remodeled field.

He said: “Overall I’m happy with the new field. There was a huge mound in the middle, so it looks like they’ve leveled that out a little better. It definitely feels a little softer, I think they did a good job.”

While the most important improvement on the remodel list was improving player safety, there were also some eyesores that had to be addressed as well, such as the field goal posts and scoreboard. These tattered structures were not only unbearable to view, they also interfered with gameplay, especially the broken field goal posts.

Sharisse Cohee
Before remodel: Field-goal post missing upright bar. Photo taken 09/18

“We have regulation goal posts which we haven’t had, ever. Last year we had a missing goal post for the whole
season, so practice was hard, we didn’t play here last year because we didn’t have the facility, Jordan said.

Along with the replacement of the freshly painted posts, another necessary element of any stadium, not just for the players use but for fans as well: a functioning scoreboard.

The new tech-savvy board is “top notch” according to Jordan. It was installed in March and has state-of-the-art LED
projection features so G-House can represent its wins proudly. It can also respectfully celebrate not only Grossmont, but also its patriotism, with the addition of a flagpole.

While, nobody is complaining about this spectacular remodel; students as well as staff though can not help to notice that certain facilities are still lacking throughout the stadium, such as bleachers and restrooms. While there are portable toilets located on the east end of the track; many feel it would appear not only more professional to have functioning restroom facilities, but will benefit hygiene and sanitation as well.

Sharisse Cohee
After Remodel: New field-goal post.

Student Andrea Navarro, who is in the same class as Ortiz suggests the portable toilet setup can be slightly annoying: “It’s not too much of an inconvenience for us, but like if you’re not from here, then it’s a little like hard, like for football games or whatever.”

Regarding the lack of bleachers, Jordan said: “The only thing is that we have no seating. They have sections of five-high bleachers they’re going to put around the outside of the track somewhere.” He admits: “It’s still a little embarrassing. I have to explain to the recruits why we don’t have them.”

While staff and students hope that these missing features will be in the works soon, for at least now they can celebrate the fresh turf and track.

“The field is nice; the field is great,” Jordan said. “We’re very grateful to have a field because, like I said, it’s more injury prevention, just the longevity of being on there… a lot longer with the coolness.”

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Beach Volleyball on Pace To Take All Sat, 25 May 2019 23:26:46 +0000

Sharisse Cohee
Cheyanne Johnson 13 and Amber Colton 20 during last home game of the season against Ventura College. Grossmont beats Ventura 5-0.

The ladies of G-House beach defend their sand. Riding a 16-game win streak and going undefeated against conference opponents, the team gears up for the CCCAA Beach Volleyball Team State Championships taking place at the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center May 9-11 and followed by the State Championship Pairs tournament.

Freshmen player Shaney Lipscomb described the team’s cohesiveness and continuity. “I think we’ve done a really good job of utilizing our athleticism. And we have a really big, powerful team this year, and we just like kind of keep our heads down and treat every game like its zero – zero, Lipscomb said.

She continued: “Even though we’ve had a good winning streak, we step into every match thinking like, ‘OK, it doesn’t matter if we’ve won in the past; this game matters.’ And we’ve worked really hard throughout practice and just come together as a team and become super close.”
RECORD – Overall: 21-2 | Conference: 10-0 | Home: 8-2 Away: 2-0 | Neutral 11-0

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Got It Bad For Badminton Sat, 25 May 2019 23:03:16 +0000

The women’s Badminton team sported all-star versatile athletes as they soared to the postseason and kept a clean home record of 5-0-1.
The opening game on the first of March was a tricky one for the ladies, as the contest against conference rival San Diego City Knights ended in a tie score of 9-9. Although March proved to be a tough month for the team as their record stood at 1-2-1, all-star players such as Drew Mendoza and Huyen Lam were emerging as leaders.

Sharisse Cohee
State championship competitor Huyen Lam jokes with Head Coach Bill Gillespie.

The team was able to overcome adversity and turn its season around, going 4-1 through the month of April and advancing four players to State Championships after competing in the PCAC Individual Tournament held April 26. The competitive athletes contending in the State Championship will be Huyen Lam, Mickaela Carlin and Jazlynne Napoles, as well as star basketball player Drew Mendoza.

Sharisse Cohee
Versatile Athlete Drew Mendoza
looks for an open teammate
in the last basketball game of the season
against Southwestern College.

Placed fifth seed in the Pacific Coast Conference Tournament, Huyen Lam described the connection she has with the sport to which she has grown so attached. “This is my third semester here, but I didn’t know about the team so when I saw it, I wanted to join,” Lam said.
Lam continued: “I really love playing for the team and the coaches. They are really nice, and the team is really good. They really look out for me.”
Mendoza and Lam will combine their all-star athleticism when they compete as a doubles pair for the State Championship.

RECORD – Overall: 5-3-1 | Conference: 5-3-1 | Home: 5-0-1 | Away: 0-3

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Men’s Volleyball Serves Up Conference Title Sat, 25 May 2019 20:00:27 +0000

With an impressive 5-1 conference record, G-House volleyball battled its way to the top, taking home the PCAC title. With dominating shutout wins against tough conference opponents, San Diego Miramar, Palomar and San Diego Mesa, this team was destined for the postseason.

On April 19, the Griffins ventured to El Camino College, where they defended their conference title and fought to further their post-season longevity against the fierce Warriors in the CCCAA Regional Playoffs as the 7th placed seed. The Warriors proved to be a fierce competitor as they entered the playoffs sporting an astonishing 17-3 overall record including an impressive record of 11-1 in their respective South Coast Conference. While G-House served and dug hard, the Griffins ultimately fell prey to the Warriors on the enemy’s homecourt 3-1, ending their hard fought playoff performance.

The Griffin’s achievements do not only stop at taking home conference titles. In the 2019 California Community College Men’s Volleyball Coaches Association State Poll, Grossmont was ranked an impressive No.10 overall.

Overall: 8-10 Conference:5-1 Home: 3-3 Away: 4-6

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Men’s Tennis Narrowly Squeezed from Postseason Sat, 25 May 2019 19:57:17 +0000

While the Men’s Tennis Team’s record of 12-13 may not necessarily appear stellar on paper, the Griffins showed up when needed the most- against Pacific Coast Athletic Conference rivals. Sporting an 8-4 conference record, the team was a force to be reckoned with against inner East County rivals, but struggled throughout the season against state-wide opponents.

The team’s winning percentage fell just below the .500 mark, landing at .480 for the season. In good Griffin fashion though, they finished strong, winning their last two games against conference opponents San Diego City Knights and San Diego Mesa Olympians.

G-House wins were fought with authority. Back-handing opponents, they served 9-0 shutouts to seven teams throughout the season including conference rival Palomar. They racked up back- to-back shutouts March 19, when the Griffins traveled to Imperial Valley to take on the conference contenders.

Overall:12-13   Conference:8-4 Home: 6-6 Away: 5-5

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Baseball Walks-Off Season on High-Note Sat, 25 May 2019 19:52:25 +0000

G-House baseball began the 2019 season in a league of their own. The guys dominated the first two games of January, while outscoring opponents by a run margin of 17-6. Mother Nature seemed to have it out for the Griffins though, tossing a curveball of her own, as five out of the next nine games were cancelled due to rain. This damper was not only put on the diamond but on the team as well, losing the next four-straight games to conference rivals. However, there was a calm at the end of this slumping storm as G-House stepped up to the plate, crushing the later half of March and winning six of their last seven games.

The final week of March not only brought Grossmont wins, but a grand slam as well. Freshman infielder, Steven Montejano, perfectly connected the booming hit in the bottom of the 2nd inning during the back-game of a doubleheader at home, against PCAC rivals, Imperial Valley Arabs, March 28. The Griffins went on to pulverize the Arabs by 25-15, scoring an impressive total of 51 runs compared to Imperial Valley’s 22, through the three-game series.

Unfortunately for G-House, the momentum did not carry over to April as the team began the month riding a six-game losing streak. Mimicking their turn-around earlier in the season, the team was able to overcome adversity once again and finished on a four-game win streak. The team demonstrated true tenacity, concluding the season strong by destroying conference rival San Diego City Knights and taking each of the three games in the final series of the season. The Griffins ran bases around the Knights, scoring a whopping 37 runs compared to San Diego City’s dismal 10, throughout the season concluding three-game series.         

Overall Record: 19-17 Conference Record: 13-10 Home Record: 7-7 Away Record: 12-10

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